Marianna Pascal Talk Show Live 2020 : Kuala Lumpur


Speak English with total confidence in 1 day!


A 1-day live event that will show you how to 

  • Speak English with total confidence – whatever your English level is!

  • Use proven ways to use your current level of English effectively

  • Develop the mindset of successful people so that you can lead a global life

  • Overcome the thoughts, beliefs and feelings that prevent you from having the connections, friends and job you deserve

  • Feel comfortable and connect with anyone in English

With intercultural communication expert and viral sensation, Marianna Pascal                                                                

“Learning A Language? Speak It Like You’re Playing A Video Game” seen by over 20 million. 

“Local English vs Standard English” seen by over 1 million. 

How to gain your competitive edge?


World Economic Forum reports that you need these 10 skills listed below to thrive in 2020 :


  • Complex problem solving.

  • Critical thinking.

  • Creativity.

  • People management.

  • Coordinating with others.

  • Emotional intelligence.

  • Judgement and decision making

  • Service orientation.

  • Negotiation.

  • Cognitive flexibility.


Are you prepared?


All around the world young people are entering the workforce unprepared for the real challenges of a global workplace. It’s common that despite spending 15 years learning English at school, they cannot hold a conversation in English. Their education system leaves them not only unprepared for the communication challenges they're going to face,  but also paralysed with fear.

Who is Marianna Pascal?

  • Former Canadian professional actor

  • Intercultural communication expert helping over 80 organisations 

  • One of the world’s top TEDx speakers

  • TEDx Talk “Learning a Language? Speak It Like You’re Playing a Video Game” got 20 million views worldwide.

  • Award-winning humorous speech with over 1 million views worldwide.

  • English Fast & Easy bestselling Books (100,000 sold in Malaysia and Singapore alone) 

  • World Championship of Public speaking semi-finalist 2019

What skills will you get?​

This1-day intensive will give you the tools and the confidence to achieve your personal and professional English goals!

  • Speak English with confidence

  • Learn how to connect with strangers 

  • Make small talk so that you can build relationships

  • Open up your life to a world of amazing experiences and friendships 

What is talk show live?

Talk show live is a 1-day transformational experience. Think Success Resource’s Millionaire Mind meets Mind Valley meets Oprah Winfrey.

It's an experience where participants learn and gain a new mindset in a high energy learning environment energized by 


  • Humour

  • Stories

  • Activities

  • Games

  • Fun

  • Insights

  • Video

Here's what others said about Marianna's events


“I'm not shy anymore!  Thanks to this training, I'm not worried if I travel overseas in the future.”

- Khairunnisa Binti Md Shukri


"This will help me speak to my customers and superiors more confidently and concisely."  

- Simon Lee Boon Yeong 


“Wish we could extend the till 9 pm. The trainer is very energetic and full of experiences.”

- Zulkifli Abd Aziz


Awesome!  On Monday morning I could speak more smoothly!"

- Aseel  Bajsair 


"I really felt my confidence improved and can be applied instantly. The trainer is fantastic!"  

- Edwin Lim


"I feel so great when I attend this course and I feel much better than before. I have more confidence to speak in English with anyone.” 

- Junaidah Rosli 


"After attending, I feel confident to speak in English. I'm not shy anymore. Thanks to Ms. Marianna Pascal. You are the best."

Nor Hidayahtul Akma Bt Abd Halim 


"Makes me confident to use English as my language when communicate with people around me." 

- Mohammad Faris Bin Abd Rahim 

 “The session that taught us to overcome the fear when it comes to communication.”  

- Lim Meng Yeow


“Ms Marianna motivated me to speak English very well. Thank you very much Marianna.”  

- Mohd Bahdin Bin Mohd Basri


"This really improved my confidence to communicate in English at work." 

- Nor Aminatuzzuhriah binti Nor Aman Shah


“You taught me how to be more confident in my work life. Don't hide behind others, stand up and speak out. Thank you so much.”  

- Nur Soleha Abdul Rahim


“Before this, I was very shy to speak and meet people, now I will speak confidently even using my broken English.” 

- Helwina Hadini Ramli


“Before my confidence level was low. Now I can apply what I learned!”  

- Saiful Anuar Mohamed 


“You are using a simple way to teach people how to communicate using English in an easy and efficient way.” 

- Tan Jun Herng


"It developed my confidence level in speaking English with others."

- Noriati Ngah 


"Ms. Pascal's session was incredible." 

- Dinah Armstead 


“The best training I've ever had." 

- Nur Mashintah Binti Mohd Yusof